Contentment Challenge 2017


Happy 2017!

I hope you spent your holidays surrounded by family and friends. We had a whirlwind of holiday cheer with family. It was a fun one. I wanted to finish my goals for 2017 prior to the first but that didn't happen. They've been on my mind but I haven't written them down, so here goes. 

In late 2016, I left my full-time marketing job to take this business full-time and stay home with my cute baby (that's what I call him). After a little adjustment time, I knew I wanted to set some big goals to focus on in 2017. 

When Kat from Dear Sweetheart Events announced she was doing a Contentment Challenge for six months, I immediately decided to join in. I love to spend money, hate budgeting, and couldn't tell you where it goes. However, luckily for me, my husband is a huge budgeter and very frugal but that's still not enough sometimes. It was a hard cold reality when I wanted to attend a workshop in Seattle that I couldn't afford because of my spending habits. I can no longer let a Sbux iced coffee and another pair of jeans or the home decor or the random Target purchases (the list goes on) hold me back from life experiences. 

A Contentment Challenge is learning how to be content with what you have along with being generous, showing gratitude, and freedom from the things that hold you back.


  • No clothes. absolutely none. This one is so so hard for me but I will not purchase clothes, shoes, or accessories throughout the entire challenge.
  • Starbucks is limited to 1 time per week. It used to be a daily habit when I was working. Then it became a 3-4 times per week habit. I like to work at Starbucks or other local coffee shops so when I can get out of the house to work, I want to have the ability to purchase a cup of coffee.
  • No new business investments. I will not sign up for anything business related unless by some miracle, I can go to the workshop in Seattle. That's it. No email service, workshop, online course, etc., unless it's free. I spend way too much on things that I don't need or never use. If I come across something, I will write it down on a wish list and save for it. If I still want it after I save, then I can purchase (after June 30).
  • No "wandering Target" purchases. We have Amazon Prime. I don't even need to go to Target. 
  • Stick to a weekly food budget. Look into using Peapod to help with this.
  • Create three achievable monthly goals prior to the first of the month.

Overarching Goals for 2017

  • Book 32 weddings and events.
  • Be present with where I am. If I'm working, focus on work. If I'm with family and friends, focus on them. I often get distracted by social media. I go to post and find myself scrolling. 
  • Drink 6 glasses of water per day. I currently drink maybe 2. 
  • Go to the gym at least four days a week. Spend one hour working out and one hour working in the cafe.
  • Volunteer for different organizations at least once per month. I volunteered for Feed My Starving Children in December and it was such a good experience.  

January Goals for 2017

  • Change my last name on my driver's license. It's ummm been 3.5 years. That's procrastination at its finest.
  • Start the Tone It Up meal plan again by January 17.
  • Get to inbox zero by the end of the month and keep it that way.
  • Create an editorial calendar that includes blogging on a weekly basis, social media, and continuing to grow my email list by sending out useful wedding and event content. You can be added to that list here.
  • Get finances in order. Create a plan. Learn and utilize Quickbooks.

This feels incredibly personal but without putting it out there, I won't do it. I am excited for a great year. There has been a lot of change and adjustment in my life since mid-2015 and I'm ready to get a grasp on all of the things that I have been procrastinating on but thinking about constantly. I am excited for a happier, healthier me and the ability to serve my clients in the most creative way possible. I will be blogging my progress once a month to share my updates.

Cheers to 2017.